About Us

About Spin Brushes

At Spin Brushes we wanted to develop a set of makeup brushes that was not only 100% cruelty free (vegan) but also stylish, quality and affordable for every makeup lover. Our latest collection includes every brush needed to create a flawless looking face every day of the week.

From beginners to pro artists, we hope every one our customers will love these brushes as much as we do!

Our Product

Our makeup brushes are hand assembled and made of quality materials. Each brush features a natural wood handle, aluminium ferrule and the synthetic nylon/taklon bristles are extremely soft and great for sensitive skin. Not only are our brushes durable and extremely easy to clean, they are stylish too!

Our Philosophy

Spin Brushes promotes self-expression and individuality. Whether you wear a little powder and mascara one day or go “full-face” the next, we believe you should be comfortable and confident in your own skin. We hope that Spin Brushes products will help you achieve your perfect look!